About us
We are SCELE, a creative service platform. We serve as a kind of an online portfolio gallery where you can easily get in touch with our creatives. We provide a tailored, inclusive, hands on approach to design and art, with passionated creatives at the heart of everything we do.

01 The Creatives

Our creatives are professionals in their field and work or have experience in the creative sector. People with passion and perseverance to deliver the desired result. Each of them is unique in their own skills and style. In this way they make SCELE the ultimate creative platform.

02 Philosophy

Together we are one – This is our philosophy. A community, brought together in a modern, contemporary design. We are a platform for everyone that offers creative service. We unite skills from all creative areas and give them the opportunity to present and share their ideas & creations. A dynamic collective, which should act as a symbiosis between each of the creatives. Respect, creative freedom, and transparant communication are of utmost importance to us.

03 Service

We represent many different areas of creative service in order to provide customers with a wide range of potential collaborations. We depend on mouth to mouth- and social media advertising. As a potential customer, I no longer have to go through a tedious search. I can easily and comfortably get in contact with creative professionals from all over the world who can respond to my wishes. Art has no limits. That's why we offer a unique service for everybody. Our creatives offer and sell their designs depending on the needs of the respective customer. An advantage of our service is that our creatives are not dependent on location or time to deliver their skills. 

04 Clients

Our client is every private person, corporate customer or self-employed person who is looking for a creative service. For those who already know what they want or for those who want to explore the wide sectors of creative services. For example; illustrations for an invitation card, the shoot for the next startup company, private artworks or the elaboration of a design concept for a major customer. The topics are varied. Just get in touch with our creatives.