Andy Imbrechts
Leuven, Belgium
Illustrator & Visual Artist

digital art
graphic design

Since graduating in 2013 from the Urban Academy of fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) Andy has steadily built up a name for himself as a Belgian menswear designer. He appeared in glossy magazines such as Elle Belgium, TTT Magazine and Fucking Young!. Showed his designs at Brussels Fashion days, Incufashion and sold out his first T-shirt range. Besides Fashion Andy is a passionate illustrator. He has skilfully hand-drawn hands, nudes, faces, fashion drawings and strong digital work wich have appeared in an exposition in Belgium and in fine print publications.

01 Portraits

A collection of portraits using different techniques / I mainly work digital, with pencil, ink, oil paint and markers. 


02 Heroes

Inspired by Pop Art. I created this series using digital media.


03 Fashion Drawings

Fashion is a big passion of mine. This style evolved during my studies as a fashion designer and continues to this day. 


04 Floating Nudes

A series of digital artwork inspired by the male body. Cover published in "Average Art Magazine".