David Haase
Berlin, Germany


David Haase is a photographer & director based in Germany. He started out as a graphic designer in an advertising agency. When he got in touch with big photo productions he quit his job and continued with his own business. Today his name stands for credibility, a focused mindset and the combination of art and advertising in it’s own unique way. The pure beauty of natural light with all it’s elements is what you can expect from David.

He worked for clients like Porsche, Seat, VW, Samsung, Netto, Frankfurt Airport and many more. 

He is represented by Tobias Bosch Fotomanagement.

01 We arrived at the sea

Vivi König in Cape Town


02 Vanlife

Jens Brüggemann with his lovely VW Bulli T3 in Faro, Portugal.


03 Beyond Friends

Beyond friends tells the story about two friends discovering Italy and their relationship on a road trip.


04 Pirates of Paradise

Pirates of Paradise is a start up where young people can book a special sailing tour without any experience in sailing. The focus ist to offer them the pure adventure.


05 SEAT Cupra

The Seat Cupra on his way to the top of the Montserrat Mountain, Spain.