Elena Schütte
Münster, Germany

graphic design
social design
communication design

Elena finished her bachelor's degree at the Münster School of Design in April 2020. She focuses on communication design and her expertise is editorial. Her studies woken a big interest for transformation design, social design as well as a critical view on society in general. In this process a lot of questions came up and she is eager to find answers. – Elena loves to travel and just found her way into photography.


01 41– 43 no more borders

41-43 is a magazine critical of society created in a four-day workshop and published at Indiecon (Independent Publishing Festival) in Hamburg. Twenty creatives from all different areas came together and worked on this issues topic “no more borders”.


02 MSD – The Magazine

A bookazine about studying design at the "FH Münster". Including different facets of teaching, major areas of design, workshops and attached scientific institutes.


03 Aperçu 

A reader about responsibilty and ethics regarding communication design. Aperçu is a platform that informs and opens up a discourse for people who are interested in a critical view on society.