Emma Ní Ráin
Leuven, Belgium

visual design
surfeace design
textil design
intuitive art
analogue photography

Emma was born in Scotland in 1991, she has a multi-disciplined background ranging from textile and surface design, to sculpture and printmaking. She has studied in both the UK and in Belgium, where she currently resides.

Inspired by the little things in life, the texture and sound of paper, the sunlight casting a dramatic shadow on the wall, the charcoal dust that lingers on the hand after sketching, the smell of oil paint on a painters rag. She has a collection of tactile and intuitive works that are created by hand, and through often forgotten methods of printing press, analogue photography and darkroom techniques. 

Texture and form are the most important elements to Emma’s work, commonly they have a dreamy monochromatic feel, and come to life when lit up by sunlight or experienced through sensory experiences such as touch. 

01 Articulations of Intangible Things

A look into sensory works created through a range of manual techniques. 


The Dreamlike State

Analogue photographs created through the magic of darkroom techniques. 


03 Geom

A playful insight to the relation between the line and circle.