Marcel Frommer
Münster, Germany
Designer & Photographer

fashion photography
analogue photography
art direction

This is Marcel, he was born in 1996 and grew up in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Now he is currently located in Münster (Germany) where he studied Design. He graduated as a Designer in February 2020. Before starting it, he already worked as a model booker & scout and assisted in photography projects. He started photography in the beginning of 2012 and is yet passionated about capturing special moments.

01 Portrait Photography

A collection of fashion and portrait photography. Marcel is working with models from all over Europe and loves capturing a special vibe with light and shadow. 


02 Votum – Das Kulturmagazin

This culture magazine were released in feb 2020 and deals with the topic of german cultural identity. 


03 Typeface Meteor

Documentary of my very first designed typeface named Meteor. Unique and special like a meteor falling from the sky.


04 Fontbook FF Franziska

A Fontbook which shows all the facets of the typeface FF Franziska by Jakob Runge.


05 Analogue Photography

The strength and beauty of black and white photography – shot with an analogue canon camera.