Natascha Stvrtnik
Hamburg, Germany


social design
corporated design

Natascha is a German based designer who loves to immerse herself in diverse themes. She was born and grew up in Cologne, where she completed her training as a media designer in 2016. At the Münster School of Design, Natascha took her work beyond the graphic arts and worked three-dimensionally in the field of product design. Today, her two areas of expertise are creatively combined through an interplay of form, typography, colour and materiality. Natascha's work is about identifying social challenges and reacting to them with solution-oriented designs.

01 balancier mich!

balancier mich! is a game of skill for young and old, produced by people with special needs at the disabled workshops Karthaus and winner of the Consumer Award of the Universal Design Competition.


02 Fruitpop

In cooperation with the Hamburg-based company KHS Corpoplast, a healthy alternative to the scratchy ice known from childhood days was developed. Based on this idea, a colorful brand identity and further marketing strategies were developed. 


03 Hubble

Hubble is a pavilion complex designed to provide privacy and weather protection for the drug scene at the back of Münster's railway station. This is intended to prevent the scene from being displaced and to enable coexistence with residents and commuters.


04 Kleiderleiter

The Kleiderleiter is a space-saving laundry rack. It does not need to hide after use and becomes part of the room furnishings as a mute servant.


05 Nougei

Nougei is an environmentally friendly packaging solution that was developed in cooperation with Gut Springenheide. The individual layers of corrugated board not only protect the nougat egg, but also give the packaging a playful added value.