Pia Kleinherne
Cologne, Germany

graphic design
communication design

Pia combines design with social issues. In February 2020 she graduated from the Münster School of Design with a degree in Communication Design. Functionality and value prioritise in her work and she has a lot of experience with printing techniques and a strong knowledge about materials. The process of qualified designing is not difficult for Pia. Currently she is based in Cologne, where she is doing her master degree in Media and Business Psychology.


Social Media

01 Task

"task" is a platform for people who are interested in the development of niche and interdisciplinary work. The first issue of task deals with the future qualifications and functions of design.


02 Rhizom

Rhizom is a magazine project by Münster School of Design. This article was published in the 26th edition. It explains dealing with prejudices against others based on their appearance.