Theresa Balbach 
Münster, Germany

graphic design
communication design
user experience

With a focus on communication design, Theresa graduated at the Münster School of Design in 2020. During her studies and internships she developed a passion for an interdisciplinary way of working and likes to participate in all stages of projects development. Especially regular digressions in product design and working analogue with her hands increases her creativity. Her main interest in subjects are social and people oriented. In her bachelor project she and her partner focussed on an overlap between mediation and interaction with an „taboo subject“ in our society.


01 Yes, but not now

A digital platform to create a willingness to deal with the „taboo topic“ organ donation in Germany. It consists of two interactive levels – the conscious listening of statements of the population as well as an extensive information section.


02 41–43 no more borders

In a five day rapid-publishing workshop, this magazine issue under the topic "no more borders" grew beyond the boundaries of this publication: with the help of a multi-cover and an augmented reality app, the content expanded in space.


03 MSD – The Magazine

A bookazine about studying design at the „Münster school of design“. including different facets of teaching, major areas of design, workshops and attached scientific institutes.