Verena Brennecke
Münster, Germany
& Düsseldorf, Germany
Visual Communication


Rena is a creative mind from Düsseldorf. She is currently doing her Masters in design at the Münster School of Design. Verena used to work as a make-up artist and  loves photo & film productions. Alongside her passion for documentary photography she started developing skills in web design and cinematography. Rena appreciates well made movies, electronic tunes, dancing, cats and traveling the world.


01 Mehr Wege

Eight people talk about their experiences with different sharing concepts in Cologne, Germany. It deals with consumer behavior, todays disposable society and reflects about interpersonal relationships.


02 Cuba

Caputring the beauty and antagonism of Cuban life.


03 Eins Eins Zwei

A crossmedia project with the local firefighter apartement in Münster. The redesigned magazine and new interviews videos should straightend the reputation of a firefighters everyday work.


04 Hey Stranger

This portrait series freezes the moment of people from all over the world crossing their paths. It captures the special atmosphere at airports and shows the beauty of diversity.